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Evento targets a powerful and versatile group of professionals. The magazine is read by CEOs and assistants, HR managers and marketing bosses. Its interesting and inspiring contents guarantee that people don’t leave the magazine unread: its insights and tips are immediately welcomed. Evento serves all decision-makers and takes their input to new levels, which makes the magazine highly desirable. Its new and inspiring ideas, the success stories, all give a positive energy boost to your everyday life!

Evento is a multi-channel media for professionals whose job it is to arrange successful events. Readers of Evento magazine are the people charged with planning representation events for companies and organisations, those who plan business trips and book hotels all over the world for their staff. The target group of the magazine are people who focus on the well-being of their human resources, work on staff development, training and bonuses, and take note of available recreational facilities. These professionals choose training sessions, book speakers, come up with ideas for welcome business gifts and other ways of paying attention to people. They are constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas for events, locales and contents.

The readers of Evento are innovative pioneers who get results. Genuine and well-aimed meetings are what build the future. Evento’s role is to inspire its readers to be wherever their clients and customers are.

Evento Media kit 2020 (PDF)


Contact Sales & Marketing:

Merja Calton, Sales Manager

Phone +358 40 503 8027

Anja Moilanen, Sales Manager


Phone +358 40 537 4272

Nina Harlin, Business Director

Phone +358 400 629 400


Issue and Copy Schedule


Issue date Copy date Theme NB!
1 6.2.2020 17.1.2020

Conference and seminar

2 16.3.2020 25.2.2020

Events and safety

Official Kongressi 2020 event publication
3 14.5.2020 24.4.2020 Occupational well-being


4 27.8.2020 7.8.2020 Personnel and clients Survey issue
5 8.10.2020 18.9.2020 Parties Massive distribution
6 19.11.2020 30.10.2020 Experiences  


Advertising rates 4-colour (VAT 0%)

Double-page spread €7,900
Full page of text €4,600
Full page 2nd cover €4,800
Full page back cover €5,500
Half page €3,300
One-third page €2,700
Quarter page €2,200
One-eighth page €1,600
Circulation 16,000
Subscriptions Continuous (per year) 75 €, one year 95 €, single issue 8.90 €, online magazine: eventolehti.fi/in-english, single-issue price 4,90 € and 12 issues 25 €

Advertising formats

Double-page spread 460 x 297 mm
Full page 230 x 297 mm
Half page, horizontal 230 x 146 mm
Half page, vertical 112 x 297 mm
One-third page 75 x 297 mm
Quarter page 93 x 130 mm
One-eighth page 93 x 62 mm

Sizes are without bleed. Please add 5 mm for bleed.

Technical specifications

Magazine size: 230 x 297 mm Binding: glued Copy: ilmoitukset@eventolehti.fi
Raster: 60 lines Profile: ISOcoated_v2_bas.icc Please specify name of magazine, issue and advertiser. Request pdf file of copy guidelines.

Cancel advertisements by the magazine's copy date.
Complaints must be made within 14 days of publication.