Why go #Phygital in 2020? Riga makes the case

Restrictions, setbacks and crises open doors to new possibilities. With the right mindset, team and creative power, events still have the ability to connect, educate and inspire. They've just taken on new formats. In the face of constant change, #phygital experiences are built to be adaptable. Riga's suppliers have proved their ability to pull off excellent hybrid events.

In 2020 alone high level events like 5G Techritory and The Rīga Conference gathered participants both on site and online. 

In the words of Edgars Kuzmans, Creative Director & Co-founder of 3K MANAGEMENT, the 5G Techritory Forum 2020 ended with outstanding numbers, positive global feedback and great learnings for the future of digital events in the age of the new normal. He shares: “We're absolutely confident that the events industry is ready to face any challenges the upcoming months and years ahead throw our way. 5G Techritory's final numbers are more than encouraging. We had 202 international speakers from 32 countries who contributed to 111 sessions, keynotes, “ted” talks and fireside chats. 2567 registered users - a participant growth of 202% compared to last year! This just strengthens the belief in the future of hybrid events, not only as a path through the Covid crisis for the events industry but as a win-win format for the future.” 

With #Phygital you can be in more than one place at the same time

#Phygital makes it possible to cross borders and time zones. With delegates joining from around the world and events streamed live from different locations, events can be more international than ever. Speakers can join from the comfort of their own office. Still, one city takes on the role of hub. 

As Aigars Smiltāns, Director of MEET RĪGA highlights: “With its convenient time zone, speedy internet, pool of multilingual local talent and variety of venues, Riga is ideal to serve as an event's central hub. Think stages in scenic locations from the beach to the courtyard of a medieval castle!”

#Phygital events are personalised events

We've all faced the difficult decision of having to choose between two talks taking place at the same time. #Phygital offers the flexibility to switch between events or record and watch later. Programs can therefore be highly personalised through platforms like the Latvian-built mitto.me. 

The local experience is easily built into #Phygital 

Riga agencies have the ideas and know-how to deliver local experiences and make virtual participants feel like they're taking part on site. Live guided tours, performances and cooking classes with ingredients delivered to your door are just some ways to get a feel for Latvian culture. Coffee and meal breaks are an opportunity to festivalise your event. Did you know Latvian singers are among the best in the world? And Latvia's star chefs love showing people around Riga Central Market to introduce producers and local foods like birch sap and wild mushrooms.

#Phygital can lower overall costs and attract new audiences

Through saving on transport, accommodation and food, participating in a #phygital event can be cheaper than attending a live conference. #Phygital events can therefore appeal to new audiences who may have a niche interest yet be unable to invest a lot. This promotes cross-industry communication and mindshare. MEET RĪGA can help spread the word about your upcoming event to tap into new audiences. 

How to prepare for a #Phygital event 

Connecting from home means not having to worry about the right outfit to make an impression. What you save on clothes, invest in tech to ensure a steady internet connection. Noise-cancelling headphones could come in handy to ensure you stay focused and actively engaged. 

Charge your own batteries and those of your devices, do a quick dress rehearsal and keep an open mind! With the right attitude and gear #phygital events can be just as rewarding and fulfilling as live events. Riga's suppliers will make sure you experience the best of the city. 

MEET RĪGA is here to help. Get in touch with the team or submit an online RFP to get started on designing your next #phygital event. Director Aigars Smiltāns is just one e-mail away at meet@liveriga.lv.







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